Waste Paper Conveying And Cleaner Equipment To Malaysia

Malaysian customers ordered some waste paper conveying and cleaner equipment from our company, mainly including Chain Conveyor, Agitator, High Density Cleaner and Pulp Pump. We shipped the devices together with the supporting accessories to Malaysia.

Main function of the machine

Chain conveyer: Mainly applied for conveying various loose and bundled pulp boards and waste paper.
Agitator: To keep the pulp in suspension to ensure that the components of the paper are evenly distributed in the pulp.
High Density Cleaner: It is applied to remove heavy impurities such as staples, bolts and stones in coarse slurry.
Pulp Pump: Mainly applied for conveying pulp.

We can provide full set of waste paper conveying -> pulping -> paper making equipment, please feel free to consult us with related questions, we will do our best to answer for you. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com

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