1350 Type Paper Rewinding Machine

Paper rewinding machine is the main equipment for tidying up rolls and rewinding them into web. It includes three parts: paper roll, cutting device and rewinding. The paper sheet is fed from the paper roll to the rewinding roller shaft, and passes between the upper knife and the bottom knife, cuts the paper edge and breaks the broken head, and cuts into a reel of a certain width and tightness. 1350 type paper rewinding machine is mainly applied to the net paper width ≦ 1350mm, 100-500g/m2 paper rewinding. Put the original paper roll on the unwinding stand of the rewinder and rewinding it into final paper roll according to the width & tightness requirement.

Specifications Of 1350 Type Paper Rewinding Machine

Paper trimmed width: 1350mm
Base weight: 100-500g/m2
Working speed: 350m/min
Balance speed: 500m/min
Maximum original paper roll diameter:φ1800mm
Maximum finished paper roll diameter: φ1800mm
Lifting device: Hydraulic lift
Motor power: 18.5KW

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