150TPD Fluting Paper Stock Preparation Project


150TPD Fluting Paper Stock Preparation Project

LEIZHAN PULP & PAPER has a complete portfolio of systems for pulp, and paper production: from the waste paper processing to the finished product production. And Leizhan team gives customized solutions for paper makers.

Take 150TPD Fluting Paper Stock Preparation System for example, Leizhan engineers give the following solution.

LOCC pulp making production line

Waste paper conveying: Chain conveyor
Pulping: D type hydrapulper
Heavy impurity removal: High density cleaner, Middle density cleaner, Long fiber fist stage low density cleaner, Long fiber second stage low density cleaner, Long fiber 3rd stage low density cleaner
Pulp screening: 1St stage Mid consistency coarse screen, Fiber separator, Reject separator, Lip screen, 1st stage fine screen, 2nd stage fine screen, Underlayer pressure screen before paper machine
Pulp thickening: Inclined screen
Pulp refining: Double disc refiner

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