1600t/d Whole Pulping Line To Produce Kraft/Testliner/Corrugated Paper


Breaking news!!! Through multi technology exchange and communication, Leizhan contracted with Yunnan Paper Mill: Whole set of pulping line which deal LOCC reach 1600t/d.

1600t/d Pulping Line Details

This Kraft/Testliner/Corrugated paper pulping line include waste paper conveying to pulp approaching system. And the whole pulping system belong to concentration pulping, which can provide high quality pulp for PM1 900t/d three layers kraft/testliner paper machine and PM2 600t/d single fourdrinier high strength corrugated paper machine at the same time.

Kraft/Testliner/Corrugated Paper Machine

Kraft/Testliner Paper Machine: The production capacity is 900t/d, trimmed width: 5400mm, working speed: 800m/min
Corrugated/Fluting Paper Machine: The production capaity is 600t/d, trimmed width: 5600mm, working speed: 800m/min

Leizhan supply the complete set of Kraft/Testliner/Corrugated Paper making line, welcome paper making friends visit our factory. Email: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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