80T/D Kraft Testliner Paper Production Line

80tpd-kraft testliner paper production line

Kraft/Testliner paper is widely used in our daily life, especially in packaging products. It has the advantages of high-strength, beautiful and environmental protection. Leizhan can design different production capacity for paper making friends. And 80t/d kraft testliner paper production line is always in high demand.

80T/D Kraft Testliner Paper Stock Preparation Line

Kraft paper stock always can be divided into two kinds: surface layer pulp and bottom layer pulp. The pulp after Drum Pulper get into High Density Cleaner, through coarse screening section and fine screening section then conveyed into Low Density Cleaner to remove heavy impurities. Fine pulp is flowed to inclined screen to dehydration, to provide pulp for paper machine production line.

Kraft Paper Making Process

The fine pulp through one headbox to kraft paper machine wire section, and bottom pulp through another head box as the bottom layer of kraft paper, then calendering them together. Get into press section, dryer section and calendering part to from a high-strength testliner paper.

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