Chain Conveyor In Paper Mill

Chain conveyor utilized made chain drive one-time impact stamping,trough plate to convey material,which has advantages of large capacity,low motor power and high efficiency. Usually, chain conveyor is divided into two types,horizontal and inclined. Horizontal chain conveyor mainly used in toilet paper pulping line convey wood pulp to middle consistency hydrapulper, and the inclined chain conveyor convey waste paper to bale breaker or hydrapulper from low to high in cardboard paper pulping line.

Advantages Of Chain Conveyor

a. The groove plate is stamped and formed once, which is durable and strong in impact resistance.
b. Configure the hardened gear reducer with high safety factor.
c. There are V-shaped guard plates on both sides of the chain plate to improve the conveying capacity and ensure that the impurities do not slip to the roller and improve the service life.
d. There is a chain plate elastic adjusting device at the tail of the machine to avoid the phenomenon of looseness and derailment caused by the change of tightness after a period of use.

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