Drum Pulper for Paper Recycling Line

Drum Pulper is an essential piece of equipment for the waste paper pulping system. It is mainly used for continuous pulping and coarse screening of waste paper raw materials under high concentration conditions. It is mainly used in pulping production lines for large-volume packaging paper and cultural paper.

More Features of Drum Pulper

1. It has a wide range of use and is suitable for deinked pulp and non-deinked pulp.
2. The disintegration is gentle and does not destroy the fibers.
3. Integrate pulping and coarse screening to optimize the pulping process.

Leizhan’s pulper is an energy-saving pulping equipment that can replace the low-consistency continuous pulping and deslag system. Welcome to contact us for inquiry if you are interested in it. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com

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