Egg Tray Making Machine


Egg tray is a packaging tool used to place eggs, duck’s egg, etc, the main function is damping, convenient to transport and carry. It is divided into paper egg tray and plastic egg tray. Pulp egg tray in mainly made of recycle paper pulp, because it’s simple production craft, low cost and no pollution to environment, which is also called green package.

Egg Tray Making Line

A whole egg tray making line include egg tray stock preparation line to egg tray making machine, we supply the complete set of egg tray pulp production line. The below words are the details.

Raw material: Waste paper, include all kinds of paper
Prduction capacity: As your demand.
Egg Tray Pulp Making Line: We manufacture the full set of stock preparation machine from waste paper pulping to pulp coarse and fine screening and the final flow system.
Egg Tray Making Machine: The egg tray machine in Leizhan is high efficiency and low price. Whether small capacity cylinder mould or big capacity headbox, and dryer, rolls, press felt, etc paper machine spare parts, all of these egg tray making equipment, you all can find the most suitable one in Leizhan. If you have any need, welcome to consult us for more details:

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