Features Of ZNJ Screw Press Washer

features of znj screw press washer

Washing system include pulp washing and liquid extract is the important part of sulfate pulping.

Screw Press Washer Function

1. Try best to remove the black liquor solids, make the solution in cooking liquid effectly separate with paper pulp, guarantee the cleanness of paper pulp, creating conditions for following operation;
2. Sent all black liquor to alkali recovery system, get max consistency, minimum dilution, and highest temperature of black liquor, maximize the recycling of chemicals and make the most of their heat. To lowest the chemical usage, bleached chemical consumption, and waste water pollution load.

Reducing consumption, save energy, reduce pollution then improve economic benefit of paper mill the final goal of Screw Press Washer. Leizhan manufacture and supply high quality and low cost pulp washer machine, more details consult us: leizhanchina@gmail.com

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