Fiber Separator For Pulping Line

fiber separatot for pulping line

Fiber Separator is a waste paper dealing equipment, use the proportion difference between waste paper pulp and impurities, remove the light and heavy impurities in waste paper raw material, also has function of relief and screening.

Fiber Separator Features

1. Compact structure, high efficiency;
2. Gather pulping, impurities removing and screening together, greatly simplify the waste paper dealing process, reduce energy consumption, is the necessary equipment to produce high leave and mid level paper.

Fiber Separator can used for the further relief and seperating of bulky impurities. Equipped with hydrapulper, the dissolving of impurities is avoided, reduce the burden of following equipment, at the same time, hydrapulper can increase the screen plate hole diameter, improve the production ability of hydrapulper. Adopt the new type structure, production capacity is 3-5 times that of traditional fiber separator.

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