Fiber Separator

fiber separator

Fiber Separator is a waste paper treatment equipment, it use the ratio difference between waste paper and impurities, removing the light and heavy impurities in waste paper, and also has the function of fiber relief and screening. Fiber Separator is loated behind Hydrapulper as second level pulping equipment, the features are as following points.

The Features And Advantages Of Fiber Separator

1. Three basic function: pulp second relief, light impurities separating, coarse and heavy waste things cleaning.
2. The pulping process equipped with Fiber Separator, can use low grade waste paper, reduce the pre-process of raw material, lower cost.
3. Improve the production capacity of Hydrapulper, save 10-20% energy consumption of per unit.
4. Pulp making process with Fiber Separator, can get good quality pulp, little fiber consumption.

Leizhan manufacture high quality Single Effect Fiber Separator and Single Fiber Separator, If you still feel trouble about paper mill high energy cost and low return, Fiber Separator is a good choice for you.

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