Food Packaging Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

food kraft paper bag making machine

With the development of economy and the promotion of environmental protection concept, kraft paper packing for food and goods are more and more popular at present. Such as Mcdonald’s and KFC, usually packaging food use food grade kraft paper, low gsm and made of pure wood pulp. As a professional paper machine manufacturer, we supply the whole kraft food packing bag making machine.

Advantages Of Kraft Food Packgaing Bag

1. Food packaging use kraft paper no poison, no pollution and easy to degrade, can be recycled multiple times, accord with modern environmental protection idea;
2. High strength and easy to mould, water-resistant and oil resistant;
3. Compare with plastic and other material, own beautiful surface and easy to printing, a variety of colors for consumer choice.

The select of raw material and kraft paper machine to make kraft food packaging bag is directly related to the quality of kraft paper bag, we provide the turn-key food kraft paper bag making machine, include the energy consumption estimation, selection of machinery, installation, etc. welcome to consult us for more details:

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