High Efficiency And Energy Saving D Type Hydrapulper

high efficiency and energy saving d type hydrapulper

The sediment from traditional Pulper is easy to wear to the pulper’s impeller and screen plate, and produced impurities has damage to the following equipment, which increase the difficulty to the stock processing process, reduce the running efficiency of equipment and shorten’s it’s service life, besides, improve the cost and reduce company’s benefits. Leizhan launched a new D Type Hydrapulper, which is high efficiency and energy saving.

D Type Hydrapulper Advantages

1. Multi-cone transition structure, meer the fluid design requirements, optimization the pulp flow path, reduce the unnecessary energy consumption;
2. Set a sediment area in the bottom of D Type Hydrapulper, discharge impurities quickly, reduce the wear of impellor and screen plate of D Type Hydrapulper. At the same time, the excessive dissolving of impurities is avoided, and reduce the damage to the following equipment;
3. Reduce the stock processing difficultym improve running efficiency of following equipment, prolong the service life of quick-wear parts, save a lot of energy, produce good economic benefits.

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