How To Change Paper Machine Felt Quickly

How To Change Paper Machine Felt Quickly

Paper machine felt have certain life, when the performance of felt can’t satisfy the production requirement, need to change the new paper machine felt, or will produce bad influence to paper quality, here are the solution about how to change the paper machine felt quickly.

Paper Machine Clothing Changing Methods

1. Reasonably arrange the replacement of blankets, and arrange replacement blankets as much as possible during downtime.
2. The design of the frame, press roll, box and other parts of the press section should be scientific and reasonable, with sufficient distance and space, and the platform, frame, and roller box should be easily disassembled and hoisted.
3. Maximize the number of idler rolls by increasing the number of idler rollers that run the outer ring, reducing the number of idler rollers that run the inner ring of the felt, and satisfying the operating requirements of the press felt.
4. Replace hard texture, straight and thick blankets, and configure dedicated bear claws or special traction belts on the drive side of the felt so that the operator can pull the felt into the side of the transmission.

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