How To Control Headbox In Paper Making Process

how to control headbox in paper making process

Headbox is called the heart of paper making, it is play an important role in paper industry, how to control headbox to achieve higher efficiency?

Headbox’s Control In Paper Making

Control of headbox includes the control of inside pulp level and air cushion pressure. Liquid level sensor gets signal of pulp level and sent it to computer. Pressure sensor gets signal of total pressure(sum of pulp level and air cushion pressure) via decoupling device of pulp level and total pressure signal, send actuating signal to feed pulp pump and frequency converter of blower motor after treatment.

Gas supply system includes low pulse roots blower, silencer, shakeproof platform and pipeline fittings. To get stable paper basic weight, Leizhan headbox uses low pulse imported blower and high efficiency silencer and equipped with elastic structure shakeproof plateform. It can absorb vibration and noise when blower is running to ensure the steady of gas supply.

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