How To Make Paper Machine Runs Efficiently

how to make paper machine runs efficiently

Paper machine press part felt is an indispensable transport carrier for water filtration and wet paper conveying on the press device. This article through the analyze of press felt influence to paper machine running efficiency, so as to improve the operation efficiency of paper machine through correct use of the felt.

Why Press Felt Influence About Paper Machine Efficiency?

Press device squeeze water from wet paper must through blanket then can finally removed, if the permeability of the blanket is poor, when the paper is left out of the squeezing area, the water will be reentered into the paper width, reducing the dryness of the paper. This will increase the moisture content of the paper into the drying part, which will greatly increase the energy consumption of drying.The increase in the water content of the paper forces the speed of the paper machine to decrease, which can also lead to the decrease of production.In addition, if the performance of the blanket is too poor, some paper diseases will be produced to reduce the quality of the product.

Blanket is important factor to influence press device dehydration speed, paper dryness, and paper quality, directly related to press device’s dehydration efficiency, paper quality and paper machine’s production efficiency.

How To Improve Paper Machine’s Efficiency?

1. Choose suitable felt;
2. Quick change paper machine felt;
3. Shorten the initial period of the blanket;
4. Strengthen the maintenance of felt.

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