How To Prolong Paper Machine Forming Wire Service Life?

how to prolong paper machine forming wire service life

Energy and material consumption is a big problem in paper mill, here are some tips about how to prolong paper machine forming wire service life.

1. The components of fourdrinier paper machine must be aligned accurately and in good mechanical condition; All filter elements must be fastened, and in one same height; Check stretcher rolls and automatic tension device can’t bounce.
2. Wire surface cleaning and daily maintenance.
3. Remove filler have corrosion function, such as calcium sulfate.
4. Check the wire track, correction, tension, load and slip;(Guarantee paper machine horizontal tension is even; don’t run wire in loose condition.
5. Maintain the temperature and PH of the spray water in line with the slurry; Ensure two sides spray water not block.
6. Adopt low friction coefficient vacuum suction tank top surface, check it if flat.
7. Reduce the amount of vacuum suction box, increase open hole, lower vacuum degree, in case of forming wire block on vacuum suction box.
8. Excluding coarse sand in the slurry, check if there is scratches and burrs on forming plate, vacuum suction box and board.
9. Adopt wire cleaning solution.
10. Proper rich traction should be used to ensure that the wire is not skidded in the breast roll.
11. Operating at the minimum suction box vacuum of the operating procedures, ensure water flow can freely get in seal water tank from suction box.
12. Check the installation of forming plate to guarantee there are enough space to discharge water for breast roll.
13. Check the cleaning of wire to roll system, check doctor blade, load of doctor blade, spray water, bearing, and excessive spray water pressure.
14. Inspect the deckle device or worn stration of cheek plate of headbox to determine if the installation is too low.

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