LOCC Recycling Kraft Paper Machine

Waste paper recycling industry kraft paper pulp production line. Use LOCC as raw material, pulping, screening, cleaning, etc. Leizhan provide complete LOCC recycling Kraft paper pulp machine production line. High output, low energy consumption and high paper quality.

Stock Preparation Line Equipment Of Kraft Paper Pulp Line

Pulping machine: D type hydrapulper
Screening equipment: M.C. pressure screen, Inflow pressure screen, Inclined screen
Cleaning equipment: High density cleaner, Middle density cleaner, Low density cleaner
Pulp chest equipment: agitator, pulp pump, white water pump

Do you have an idea to build a kraft paper mill or upgrade old kraft paper machine production line? Leizhan is professional manufacturer and offer complete paper recycling kraft paper pulping machine. Welcome to contact me for more details. Email address: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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