Low Density Cleaner For Paper Stock Preparation Equipment

low density cleaner for paper stock preparation equipment

Low Density Cleaner is one of the pulp cleaning machine in paper stock preparation line, Leizhan manufacture high quality Low Density Cleaning machine, here are details about it.

Low Density Cleaner Advantages In Stock Preparation Line

1. Material:

The cleaner cylinder is 304 stainless steel finished tube (thickness 4mm),1st cleaner access to the pulp pipeline(thickness 5mm)and the pipe branch is 304 stainless steel.The holder is carbon steel, the steel frame structure for polishing, sand rust rust, rust after brushing H82 epoxy zinc-rich primer two, H82 epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint together, polyurethane finish two processes and other processes, with anti-corrosion, rust and other effects.The access to the pulp pipeline liner of cleaner has been burnished already,it will not hanging pulp, plug the pipe.

2. After service:

a. In the normal operating procedures, the supplier to ensure that the technical specifications in the production, purification efficiency and other technical specifications;
b. According to the contract supply the relative drawing ,to ensure user design,install ,adjust,maintenance.
c. During the warranty period, The buyer is under normal operating procedures,if the equipment body break down,the seller must maintenance or change. Warranty period for the normal operation of the equipment after 12 months or equipment to the factory 18 months (whichever comes first), except ceramic and other fragile parts.

Low density cleaning machine is very important to improve pulp’s quality in paper stock preparation line, we manufacture the best quality equipment and sincere after service, welcome to consult us for more details: leizhanchina@gmail.com.


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