Paper Forming Questions Solution


There are many factors to affect the paper forming, here are some reasons provided by our engineer.

1. Avoid forming plate jump slurry
– Forming the plate head slightly lower
– Work experience is 5 mm lower every 1000 m / min, so that the forming wire avoids a rapid upward acceleration.

2. The impact of the slurry on the Internet should not be detrimental.

3. Check homogenization roller:
(A) Ensure that the design of the lip homogenizer roller does not cause flocculation due to the accumulation of fibers under the headbox
(B) Avoid hanging fibers at the homogenizer roll
(C) lip homogenizer roll can be modified as follows:
– Keeping the open area ratio of 48%, the pore size should be as small as possible under the conditions of the slurry
– If the reason for poor forming is that the hole is too small, increase the hole (by increasing the blind surface thickness)
– For long fibers and slurries with an average concentration of 0.4-0.6%, the opening ratio is changed from 43-44% to obtain a blind spot of sufficient area and the required hole size for the fiber type
– Make sure the tip design and shoulder do not affect the edges of the web
– Check that the staggering of the solid part of the homogenizer does not cause paper streaks.

4. Verify that there is sufficient micro-turbulence on the web, especially during sheet forming
– This ensures proper flocculation and better forming

5. Delayed dewatering can destroy the forming by removing one or more dewatering elements.

6. There is always a tradeoff between dehydration speed and forming.

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