Paper Machine Rotary Joints

paper machine rotary joints

As the rise of fuel cost, paper makers focus more on maximizing equipment efficiency. Dryer section is the largest consumer of steam energy for a paper machine-typically accounting for 55% of the total machine, an optimized steam and condensate system not only increase the production capacity, but also improve the machine efficiency, reduce the drying cost and increased profits.

Rotating steam joints can help you solve this problem, here are the details:

  • Reduce pressure, eliminating high-pressure motive steam need, therefore saving the dramatic energy.
  • Decrease the hardware erosion and blow-through steam.
  • Eliminate dryer flooding.
  • Improving system efficiency and eliminating venting to reduce the requirements for energy-intensive steam.
  • Reduce the paper breaks and improve overall system reliability.
  • Enhance the paper quality by increase drying evenly and decreasing sheet picking.

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