Small Scale Kraft Paper Making Line

Leizhan customized the kraft paper pulping line according to customer needs. This pulping line uses LOCC as raw material and has a capacity of 20t/15h. Leizhan’s pulping solutions effectively improve the quality of pulp and provide guarantee for subsequent paper making processes.

More Details of Small Scale Kraft Paper Making Line

Capacity: 20t/15h
Raw material: LOCC
Pulping machine: D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Mid consistency pressure screen, Reject separator, White water pulp pump, Pulp pump, Inflow pressure screen

Leizhan Company has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of waste paper pulping line equipment. Leizhan has rich experience in pulping. If you want to develop a pulping line, please contact us to inquire about related issues. Email:

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