The Comprehensive Utilization of Sludge In Paper Mill

the comprehensive utilization of sludge in paper mill

The components of paper making sludge: ash content is pretty much, can reach 50%-70%, so the calorific value is lower, moisture content is high, general is 95%-99%, even after dehydration still between 0%-80%, plenty of sludge, and with many fibers.

Original Of Paper Making Sludge

Paper making sludge can divided into biological sludge, alkali recovery white mud and deinking sludge. There are many precipitation will be produced in paper making waste water dealing process, these precipitation called biological sludge; Alkali recovery white mud from alkali recovery process, mainly produced from paper mill use paper pulp as raw material; Deinking sludge produce from waste paper deinking process.

Paper Making Sluage Utilization And Recovery

1. Sludge composting treatment, lower moisture content, convenient to reposit, conveying and utilization.
2. Sludge incineration, always adopt sludge treatment boiler to burn, recovery t’s heat, and the bottom ash can be sent to cement mill or concrete mill as construction material.
3. Sludge anaerobic digestion treatment of paper making, can produce methane in this way, make full use of methane then get the goal of save energy and low running cost.
4. Paper making sludge making bricks, solve the plenty sludge question produced by waste paper making process, recycle the waste material, and protect environment.

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