The Entire Paper Pulping Line for Kraft Paper

Leizhan already has its own mature technology and equipment in the field of waste paper pulping, and can design suitable pulping lines for paper mills. This time, Leizhan customized a pulping line for an Indonesian customer’s kraft paper project. This pulping line uses OCC as raw material. Below are the equipment details of this production line.

Details of The Entire Paper Pulping Line

D type hydarpulper: V=5m3, h=Ø10mm, C=3~5%
High density cleaner: Q=2000l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Mid consistency coarse pressure screen: A=0.3m2, h=2.2mm, C=3~4%
Reject separator: Ø380mm, C=1~2%, Ø5mm
Double disc refiner: Ø380mm, C=3~5%
Inflow pressure screen: A=0.6m2, F=0.35mm, C=0.6

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