The Main Function Of Paper Machine Press Section

the main function of paper machine press section

Paper machine is mainly divided into four part: wire part, press part, drying part, calender part, every part is aim to get final high quality paper roll, here are the main function of paper machine press section.

What Are The Functions Of Paper Machine Press Section?

1. Using mechanical pressure remove as much moisture from wet paper as possible;
2. Reduce steam consumption from dryer section;
3. Increase the binding power of the fibers in the paper, improve paper’s tightness and strength;
4. The wet paper is transferred from wire section to drying section for drying;
5. Remove the net mark on the paper, improve the smoothness of paper and reduce two sides property of paper.

Every part of paper machine is important to get final paper product except paper machine press section, Any questions or help about paper making machine, welcome to consult us:

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