The Selection Of Doctor Blade

the selection of doctor blade

With the increase of paper machine width and working speed, doctor blade plays a more and more important role for rolls cleaning and paper guide in paper machine. Therefore, the choose to doctor blade is very important to paper’s property, paper machine running stability and span life of rolls.

Doctor Blade Choose Principle

1. In order to get the best removing effect, the material and thickness of doctor blade must has certain durability and hardness to suit for the roll surface;
2. Can’t use soft doctor blade for hard roll surface, chrome roll surface can’t use nickel-copper, steel, and blade of phenolic resin with cotton fiber;
3. Copper roll surface can’t use nickel-copper doctor blade; Teflon roll can’t use nickel-copper, steel and copper doctor blade;
4. The wire part don’t use epoxy scraper blade with carbon fiber;
5. Dryer and drying part leading roll not adopt phenolic resin scraper blade because of high temperature;
6. Soft calendering roll don’t use synthetic material doctor blade.

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