Waste Paper Recycling Machine

waste paper recycling machine

Using waste Paper recycling machine to make kraft/corrugated paper is a low investment and high return project, Leizhan professional engineer can design the best suitable project for you according to paper making friend’s actual need.

With the development of people’s life quality, tissue paper is always use virgin wood pulp to get smooth toilet/facial/napkin paper, OCC/LOCC is always used to make kraft/corrugated paper

Waste Paper Pulping Line

Kraft and corrugated paper pulping line is almost use same pulp equipment, but corrugated paper pulping line is more simple compare with kraft paper, don’t need 2nd stage and 3nd stage Low Density Cleaner to dealing. Besides, corrugated paper pulping line need Bale Breaker to select the paper in bundle then convey to Chain Conveyor, reducing the following equipment burden and prolong it’s service life.

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