Water Ring Vaccuum Pump for Paper Production

2BEC Water Ring Vaccuum Pump is a product developed based on advanced foreign technology. It is usually used to pump gases that do not contain solid particles, are insoluble in water, and are non-corrosive to create vacuum and pressure in closed containers. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

Features of 2BEC Type Water Ring Vaccuum Pump

1. There are large inspection ports on both sides of the pump cover, through which gaps, corrosion conditions, and scale accumulation can be checked.
2. The use of high-quality bearings ensures the impeller positioning and high stability during operation of the 2BEC water ring vacuum pump.
3. An eccentric baffle is added to the pump body, which can be combined with the impeller middle plate to divide the pump body into two chambers, and at the same time enable the side flange inlet and exhaust ports.

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