What Is The Suitable Pulp Beating Method For Your Paper?

what is the suitable pulp beating method for your paper

Fiber in paper pulp under the action of shear force, including mechanical pulping, ultrasonic pulping and hydraulic pulping, etc.

Pulp Beating Main Function

1. Changing fiber’s form, then make pulp get certain characteristics ( such as meachanical strength, phycial performance and colloidal properties ) to guarantee the quality of paper.

2. Through pulping adjust and control the drainability of stock on the wire to adopt to demand of paper machine production, make paper get pretty shape, improve the eveness and strength of paper.

Different Pulping Method For Different Paper

1. Long fiber free slurry: Kraft paper, cable paper, industry filter paper, etc;
2. Long fiber slime pulping: Parchmyn paper, paper bag paper, dictionary paper, tracing paper, etc;
3. Short fiber free pulping: Filter paper, blotting paper, hard paper body paper, impregnated insulation paper, etc.
4. Short fiber slime pulping: Cigarette paper, condenser paper, security paper, etc.

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