High Grade Testliner Paper Pulping Project

Leizhan is very honored to have successfully signed an important cooperation agreement with a renewable resources company in Henan. According to the contract, Leizhan will provide a complete pulping processing line with an annual output of 450,000 tons for the company’s fourth-phase paper making project, which will be mainly used for high-end cardboard T paper production lines to prepare high-quality pulp.

The pulping processing line includes a number of key equipment, such as M.C. hydrapulper, HD high density cleaner, NLS inflow pressure screen, JB agitator, etc. These equipment adopt advanced technology independently developed by Leizhan, which can efficiently convert raw materials into high-quality pulp and ensure the quality of finished paper.

Leizhan is willing to work with customers to achieve greater success in future cooperation and contribute to the sustainable development of the pulp industry. For more information about Leizhan, please contact us. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com

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