Tissue Paper Machine Making Machine



Hydraulic headbox,through regulate and control headbox input pulp main line input pulp pressure and the headbox top lip and lower lipon opening degree to control and stability of the sieve slurry sizing head, the concentration.

2.Wire part:

single fourdrinier,main parts:breast roll,forming plate,dehydration board,vacuum box,couch roll,drive roll,guide roll and frame and so on.With 1 forming wire.

3.Press part:
divided into main pressing,roll press.Main press is double roll pressing,with the next package of metal roller each one; idler press for the roller and 1 # composed of large cylinder press, with a plastic coated metal roll. The main press with a blanket roller and blanket suction box, and with the lower blanket. The idler rolls the roller and the main press to share a blanket. The main press, the idler press is pressed for the corrugated air tire.

4.Drying part:

1 # large cylinder:Φ3000/Φ3600 dryer cylinder,single transmission .with closed hot air hood.with wrinkle doctor,clean doctor each one.Pressured way is cylinder pressure.
2 # large cylinder:Φ3000/Φ3600 dryer cylinder,single transmission.With dry wire and guide roll.not hood.With 1 clean doctor .Pressured way is gravity pressure.

5.Reeling part:

5.Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal type winding machine, air cylinder pressure.

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