DF Disc Filter


1.When used for white water recycling,high fiber recovery rate,realize wate recycling,reduce water consumption, reduce waste and pollution when white water is discharged.
2.when used for pulp concentration, outlet concentration is high, up to 10%-14%.
3.the filter discs are with excellent structure, economical cost, high strength, easy maintenance,large effective filtering area and good filtering effect.
4.Special wear-resistant material distribution valve is with good sealing effect.
5.Compact structure,small area, large production capacity.
6.Good economic and social benefits.
7.Complete equipment models and specifications,according to different output requirements, change the filter area

Main specification

Type DF3800 DF5700
Disc diameter(mm) Φ3800 Φ5700
Disc numbers(n) 4-16 6-28
Filtration area per disc(m) 17.9 41.4
Filtration areaper disc(m) 72-286 248-1159
Inlet censistency(%) White water recovery: 0.2-0.6 White water recovery: 4-6
Outlet consisency(%) Pulp thickened: 0.5-1.3 Pulp thickened: 4-14

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