3500mm Toilet Paper Machine Cylinder Mould Part


Toilet paper machine cylinder mould part is an important part, which is vital to the quality of final toilet paper, here are the details about 3500mm toilet paper machine cylinder part.

Cylinder Mould Part Manufacturing Details

1. Rack of this part is cast iron or steel plate welding rack with annealing process.Φ1800mm×3950mm stainless steel serial plate cylinder mould. Two side spokes external circular surface are inlaid with stainless steel band. Bearing 22228 with driving spindle nose. Equipped with wire part driving coupling and test balance dynamic.

2. Rolled steel plate Φ500mm×3950mm couch roll. δ=22mm, spindle nose is 45# steel with thermal refining. Bottom cast iron baffle is coated with rubber. Hardness is “A”35°±2, thickness is 10mm. 22222 bearing and do balance dynamic.

3. Pulp feed type: multi-branch pipes of square taper Pipe feed pulp. Material is stainless steel 304.

4. Cylinder vat (Outsourcing from Dongguan, Guangdong)

5. Vacuum box: box material is welded carbon steel with antiseptic treatment. Single slit 1 set, double silts 4 sets. High molecular polyethylene surface.

6. Water spray pipe: equipped with 1 set high pressure moving spray pipe. (alternative nozzle) material is stainless steel.

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