Fully Automatic Machinery For Making Toilet Paper

fully automatic machinery for making toilet paper

Toilet paper machine is a professional equipment to produce toilet paper, divided into fully automatic toilet paper machine and semi-automatic toilet paper machine. And every kind include 1575 and 1880 two different types.

Fully automatic machinery for making toilet paper is always popular in paper making industry, and it is divided into toilet paper rewinding machine and slitter cutting machine according to different function.

Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Machine Features

1. Adopt pressure wire groove, evenly and continuously feed pulp;
2. Using international newest technology compound breathing hot air cover, improve thermal energy above 20%;
3. Compound stainless steel pneumatic scraper, wrinkling uniform;
4. The pulse pneumatic automatic change carpet is adopted;
5. Adopt groove rolls, pneumatic pressure;
6. Design speed is 150-200m/min, can used to make toilet paper, napkin paper, facial paper, etc.
7. PLC control system, easy and convenient to control.

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