Hand Tissue And Napkin Tissue Manufacturing Machine

hand tissue and napkin tissue manufacturing machine

Tissue paper or simply tissue is a lightweight paper, tissue can be made from recycled paper pulp. Leizhan supply whole line of tissue paper making which include hand tissue, napkin tissue manufacturing machine, and facial tissues, paper towel, wrapping tissue, toilet tissue, table tissue, table napkins manufacturing line, etc.

The main properties include absorbency, basis weight, thickness, bulk(specific volume), brightness, stretch, appearance and comfort, etc. Hand, napkin, facial, toilet paper making machine will help you improve every properties, finally get high quality paper, the paper above is the finished paper produced by our customer.

Hand tissue and napkin tissue manufacturing machine include stock preparation and single dryer cylinder paper machine, the different with kraft and corrugated paper machine, tissue paper machine only with one dryer called Yankee dryer fitted with a hot air hood, the raw material to produce hand tissue and napkin tissue better should be pulp, which has high strength and water absorption.

We supply the complete set of hand tissue/facial/napkin/toilet/towels/wrapping paper manufacturing machine, if you want to know more details, welcome to contact us: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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