High Density Cleaner Operation Attention

high density cleaner operation attention

High Density Cleaner is in charge of removing heavy impurities in paper pulping line, but how to correct operate the machine?

High Density Cleaner Operation Method

1. Before High Density Cleaner running, opening the gas valve first open the air cylinder flashboard, close vent valve and discharge valve, open wash water, diluted water feed water valve, fill the device with water, after close the feed water valve then can put into pulp, following adjust every part pressure make it accord with the technological requirements, when every part pressure stable, can running normally.

2. Slag removal can be carried out in slag remover. closing air cylinder valve first, after open the exhaust valve and the water supply valve, then can open slag discharge door and discharge the impurities. Cleaning the slag tank and slag-door combination use clear water, close slag discharge door, when water fill with sediment tank, close vent valve, feed water valve, at the end open the air cylinder valve.

3. Pay attention: Discharge must on time, or the impurities will accumulate in the cone influence the discharge effect, and impurities in the cone not easy to expel.

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