High Speed Toilet Paper Machine Wrinkle Reasons

high speed toilet paper machine wrinkle reason

High speed toilet paper machine mainly use commercial virgin wood pulp, include bleached softwood long fiber, bleached hardwood short fiber, and some adopt waste paper, wheat straw and chemical mechanical pulp.

The Reasons To Affect Toilet Paper Machine Wrinkle

Some chemical component in pulp have big influence to wrinkling process, the pulp with pretty much hemicellulase and lignin produced paper has strong adhesive property with dryer. Lignin in the process of drying softening into a substanve with high adhesion stick to the surface of dryer, produce strong cementing action with paper.

When use high lignin content pulp to produce toilet paper, must be attention that excessive adhesion make doctor blade poor effect on the strip of paper, even can’t strip, in severe case get stuck of doctor blade, can’t produce.

How To Avoid Toilet Paper Machine Wrinkle

1. Increase the dosage of the release agent, greatly reduce the dosage of stick cylinder agent, it’s better to use adhersive and modifier with weak adhesive strength;
2. A certain degree of cutting and shearing of long fibers, only relief to short fiber, try best to make fibers disperse and not cut off.

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