How To Judge A Headbox’s Quality?

how to judge a headbox quality

Headbox is a critical equipment in paper machine, it is the junction of “flow” and “forming”, which is also one of the fastest growing parts of the paper machine. But how to judge a headbox’s quality? Here are the main points.

Essential Performance For A High Quality Headbox

1. The sheet can be made out of with uniform stability, and the longitudinal flow is not appeared on the paper.
2. The lip area of headbox should has no influence by pressure, temperature and lip opening, to guarantee the sheet quantify distribute uniformly.
3. Pulp and slurry should be avoided in the slurry chamber.
4. Easy to keep headbox chamber clean.
5. The slurry wire speed ratio is controllable.

Therefore, a headbox must achieve these points: even distribute the pulp to paper machine; The expelled slurry should have a uniform velocity profile, concentration profile and turbulence profile. Leizhan manufacture headbox can achieve all these function, if you have any need, feel free to contact us:

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