Napkin Paper Making Machine

napkin paper making machine

Napkin paper machine it to cut the paper plate into a square or a long paper towel, the specific shape and picture is depends on paper maker’s demand.

Classification Of Napkin Paper Making Machine

Depends on the speed: Common low speed napkin paper machine, high speed napkin paper machine
According to the number of press rolls: Single embossed napkin machine, double embossed napkin machine
If color printing: Common napkin paper machine, monochrome colored paper napkin machine, double color colored paper napkin machine and multicolored printing napkin machine.
According to the layer: Single layer and double layer paper machine.

Leizhan supply the whole set of napkin paper making machine, which from the pulping line, napkin paper machine to the final napkin paper, if you have any need, welcome to consult us for more details:

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