Original Paper Softness Exceed Standard Solutions

toilet paper machine

Paper softness is a very important index for the quality of paper, there are many reasons to affect the paper’s softness, here are the solutions about what if original paper softness exceed the standard.

How To Get A Suitable Softness For Paper?

1. Process ratio in paper making: Using more short fiber and eucalyptus pulp will reduce the softness of original paper;
2. Pulp refining in paper making: High refining power, high electricity, small througput will improve the paper softness, otherwise reduce;
3. The coating on the dryer surface and dryer temperature: The coating layer’s quality can be controled by wrinkle doctor blade’s angle, good coating layer can better control the corrugated of original paper. The reasons decied the quality of coating layer on dryer surface include wrinkle blade’a angle, temperaure of dryer surface and also have influence on the content of paper moisture;
4. The usage of chemical additives, use softener can improve the hand feeling of body paper, and reduce original paper softness.

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