Pulp Evenness Adjustment

paper evenness adjustment

Paper’s evenness is human’s first sensory index, not only influence paper’s aesthetic value, but relative to it’s physical and optical properties.

Poor Evenness Classification And Reason

1. Classification: Fiber agglomerates, fibrous disjunction, water flow, cloud organization, wave organization.
2. Reasons:
a. Fiber agglomerates: Beating degree is not enough, the longer fiber, the easier flocculation; Pulp consistency is too big; The size of bottom seam of the slurry tank is not suitable; Rectifier roll not work.
b. Fibrous disjunction: The height of weir pool is not suitable.
c. Water flow: Too much diluted water, the pulp flow of wire surface is not stable; Forming wire loose; Forming plate position is not suitable; Slice transformation.
d. Cloud organization: Mainly because water quantity is too much, broken formed fibrous tissue.
e. Wave organization: Pulp speed is too fast, the slurry of the wire flows rolling forward.

PS: The best way to define homogeniality is by means of instrument, to get the most accurate result.

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