Small Toilet Paper Machine Price

small toilet paper machine price

Many customer leave a message ask about the cost of small toilet paper machine, it depends on many factors, such as raw material, production capacity, your budget, etc. Here are the details.

Small Toilet Paper Machine Price And Specification

Raw material: Wood pulp, white shavings, etc
Paper grade: High-grade household paper
Trimmed width: 1575mm
Basis weight: 13gsm
Operating speed: 180m/min
Production capacity: 5tons/day
Price: If use wood pulp as raw material, then corresponding toilet paper making line is simple, and equipment cost is lower, if adopt white shavings, waste paper, etc, then the toilet paper making process is more complicated.

The price of small toilet paper machine also related to your transportation method, the details consult us: Our professional sale manager will provide your reasonable proposal.

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