Steel Dryer Cylinder VS Cast Iron Dryer Cylinder

steel dryer cylinder vs cast iron dryer cylinder

Dryer cylinder used in paper mill is divided into stainless steel dryer cylinder and cast iron dryer cylinder, every material of dryer cylinder has their own advantages. Here are the difference of stainless steel dryer and cast iron dryer as reference.

Steel Dryer Cylinder? Cast Iron Dryer Cylinder?

Steel Dryer Cylinder: In equipment maintain factor, steel dryer cylinder belong to addition maintain, polish surface once a year, 8-10 years for a metal spray

Cast Iron Dryer Cylinder: Grinding cylinder once every 2-3 years, cylinder grinding will make the wall of dryer cylinder thinner, and also need metal spray when the thin get certain extent

The service life of steel dryer cylinder and cast iron dryer cylinder are all about 50 years, but the maintain frequency and maintain cost of steel dryer cylinder is lower than cast iron cylinder; For energy saving aspects, steel dryer cylinder has better conductive property, thermal conductivity is higher 30%, has better energy saving effects.

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