The Selection Of Paper Machine Felt

the selection of paper machine felt

Paper making felt is an important material in paper making industry, it divided into wet felt, upper felt, dry felt. Filter the water in pulp, and fold the wet paper layers in the mesh tightly together. Therefore, require felt has good drainability and durability.

How To Choose Suitable Paper Machine Felt?

1. In general, the gsm of felt is around 700g, when require the felt should be light, and paper machine operating speed is not very high, gsm can between 730-750, and upper felt is 50 gsm higher than that. The specific circumstance is according to the bottom of felt’s structure, proportion, and vacuum pump effective power size, cleaning water pressure, support rollers, dryer and pressure other configuration.

2. Size: Should be long not short, wild not narrow

Only a suitable felt for paper machine  is a good felt, We supply all kinds of specification paper machine clothing for paper mill, and our engineer will select the most suitable press felt for you according to your actual conditional. Welcome to consult us if you have any need:


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