Toilet Paper Processing Line

toilet paper processing line

Because of the low investment and high return of toilet paper, toilet paper making machine is always on hot sale in Leizhan paper machinery. Leizhan professional engineer design the lowest investment and highest efficiency toilet paper processing line for paper making friends, here is the details.

Toilet Paper Pulping Equipment

M.C.Hydrapulper: Raw material is wood pulp, always used to toilet paper, napkin paper pulping process.
High Density Cleaner: Removing heavy impurity from pulp
M.C.Pressure Screen: For coarse and fine screening.
Light Impurity Separator: Separating the tailing from M.C.Pressure Screen.
Reject Separator: Separating the light impurities in tailing.
Low Density Cleaner: Removing small heavy impurities
Inflow Pressure Screen: Used to flow system to flow the slurry.

The Inflow Pressure Screen in Leizhan adpot 0.3-0.5mm slot screen, increase the throughput slurry, and reduce the power of motor, more energy saving. If you have any need, welcome to consult us:

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