Toilet Roll Making Plant Details And Price

Toilet Roll Making Plant Details And Price

A finished toilet paper roll need few making procedures, raw material, pulp making, paper making, paper winding, paper rewinding, paper cutting, paper roll, paper roll packaging. Because the high demand of toilet paper in our daily life, invest in paper business is a low cost and high return project. As professional paper machinery manufacturer, we supply the whole toilet tissue roll making plant, and the price is depends on the paper making capacity and quality.

The Details About Toilet Paper Making Plant

To make toilet tissue paper, the raw material is different as your budget and the requirement to paper quality. When choose waster paper, the pulping process is little complicated compare with virgin wood, but the raw material investment is lower, and the paper quality is in normal level.

In toilet paper making plant, except the tissue making capacity, the whole price also related to the equipment material. Such as stainless steel has longer service life than iron, some of our equipment is made of stainless steel such as pressure screen but some need to order if you want different material and color.

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