Toilet Tissue Machine Main Equipment List

Toilet Tissue Machine Main Equipment List

Some paper making friends leave a message said that:” we want to set up a new toilet tissue paper making project but don’t know what is the cost and what paper equipment is in need in whole line.” here we make a list according to one of our customer’s demands.

Toilet Tissue Paper Making Equipment List

1. 1092mm toilet tissue paper machine: 1set
2. double layer Exhausted hood of dryer can: 1set
3. 700mm axial-flow ventilator: 1set
4. Model-33 Roots vacuum pump: 1set
5. 1092mm winding machine: 1set
6. 1092mm rewinding & perforating machine: 1set
7. 1092mm paper cutting machine: 1set
8. Suction box: 1set
9. 3m 3 high consistency hydrapulper: 1set
10. 0.9m 2 High frequency vibration screen: 1set
11. 380mm double disc pulp refiner: 1set
12. 35m 3 bleacher: 2sets
13. 700mmThruster: 4sets
14. 606sand remover 3 pcs: 1group
15. 4 inch pulp pump: 4sets
16. 1ton boiler(burn coal): 1set

We can make the whole paper making project for you according to your demand, which is high efficiency and low energy consumption, welcome to consult us for more details:

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