Toilet Tissue Paper Machine For Sale

Toilet tissue paper making machine, net paper width 2850mm, mainly used for toilet paper, tissue
paper and napkin and so on. Toilet tissue paper machine is mainly divided into 5 parts, headbox,
wire part, press part, drying part, reeling part. From waste paper to big paper roll, we can supply
the whole production line.

2850mm Toilet Tissue Paper Machine Main Details.

Raw material: waste paper, virgin pulp
Trimmed width(mm):2850
Basis weight(g/m2):13-25
Operating speed(m/min):180-550
Production capacity(t/d):3-15

Toilet Tissue Paper Machine For Sale Pulping Line

1.Chain conveyor convey waste paper(no deinking)or virgin pulp to high consistency hydrapulper.
2.The pulp enters screening part to screening slurry so that remove impurities, even though virgin
pulp is clean.
3.Enters double disc refiner to improving slurry beating degree.
4.Pulping enters approach system before paper machine and then enters in to paper machine.

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