Waste Paper Recycle Plant

waste paper recycle plant

Recycle economy is a tendency at present, turn waste to treasure not only save the resources but improve the production capacity. With the development of commodity economy, waste paper recycle and paper making industry is more and more popular, packaging paper making machine is always in high demand. Leizhan supply the complete set of waste paper recycle plant, which from pulp to paper.

Waste Paper Recycle Process

The waste paper include waste carton, waste box, waste white shavings, etc, paper making process is kindly different according to the difference of raw material. Waste paper is conveyed into Hydrapulper by Chain Conveyor, then High Density Cleaner is in charge of remove heavy large impurities, through coarse screen, fine screen and Low Density Cleaner to cleaning the impurities, next is paper machine approach system, at last is paper machine part, the stock through headbox-wire part-press part-dryer part-calender part, and the final paper is formed.

There are many paper can be made of waste paper: corrugated/fluting paper, kraft/testliner paper, toilet paper, writing/printing paper, etc. Some customer want to start a new business but know rarely about the paper making process, place, raw material and budget, here we can provide the most reasonable advice for you accodring to your actual demand. Welcome to consult us for more details: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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