Yankee Dryer For Tissue Paper Making Machine

yankee dryer for tissue paper making machine

Yankee dryer is a kind of drying device which combines the contact drying and convection drying, has 4-10times dryness ability than common dryer. Yankee Dryer greatly improve the capacity of paper machine and dryer drying efficiency, low steam consumption, especially for tissue paper making machine, the thickness and softness of the paper were significantly improved.

Yankee Dryer’s Type For Toilet Paper Machine

1. Yankee dryer is divided into cast iron Yankee Dryer and stainless steel Yankee Dryer;
2. The same diameter Yankee Dryer, steel yank cylinder that bears the same air pressue has thinner wall thickness, therefore reduce the weight and cost. Actually, it’s better to choose steel dryer cylinder when bigger diameter;
3. Steel dyer cylinder has higher heat transfer efficiency, and stronger surface hardness, this is cast iron dryer can’t be, but the disadvantage is steel dryer is very strict to the welding.
4. For highh speed toilet tissue paper machine, cast iron dryer dead-heavy is too big, need big power, low heat transfer efficiency, the steel yankee dryer is on the contrary. And the cooling water discharge system has high performance, and dryer cylinder grinding cycle is long.

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